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A goal of the King David Priory is for members who are located regionally, to gather together for fellowship when possible. This strengthens the bonds of sister and brotherhood among Priory members and also provides an opportunity to plan service or outreach projects. Our priority for these projects, aside from benefiting the local community, is to share our faith and our love for Christ. Our works are done in service to God with our sincere intentions of glorifying Him. God above all!

July 2022

Unfortunately, COVID restricted many opportunities for outreach and service for a few years. But, the King David Priory realized something many people don't; that food pantries frequently have empty shelves during the summer months and struggle with providing food to needy families and senior citizens. Donations to local food pantries are generally made around religious holidays; Easter, Thanksgiving and Christmas. There are some organizations that have food drives only in the Fall season.


Christians love helping people and doing what they can regarding charitable works. This is a two-fold act for them, in that it helps those in need and brings glory to God when we act in His name. Therefore, in July 2022, the members of the King David Priory, residing in (north) Idaho, of the Knights Templar Order of OMSDT, were happy to create a donation basket of food items to give to their local food pantry.


Pictured are Prior Derek Nordio, along with his wife, Commander Reneé Nordio. Several bags of food were created from the basket display and given to the Troy Food Bank.


September 17-20, 2019

Priory members residing in (north) Idaho, Prior Derek Nordio, along with his wife, Commander Reneé Nordio, held an outreach event at the Latah County Fair, in Moscow, Idaho.


A booth space was rented and was set up with a display table and decorated with items from Prior Nordio's personal collection of shields, swords, helms, clothing and tapestries. Photos were printed and framed that featured the Order's headquarters, Christ Castle Church, in Connecticut, miscellaneous member photos from Investitures, Templar Code graphics, along with a variety of literature. Illustrated handouts of the Armor of God scripture, and stickers were a big hit with the kids.


Kids Stickers


Brochures, pens, and cards

↑Kids Handout

Over the course of the three days, hundreds of visitors stopped at the table, with many brochures, calling cards and ink pens being shared. It was a wonderful time of sharing the Order and our love for Christ with the community.

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