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October 2, 2021


The Priory of King David was blessed to have one member from the Priory in attendance at the OSMTJ International Conclave at Otttis Castle in St. Augustine, FL, Sergeant First Class William Brett McCann.


Just a few weeks prior to his departure, he had completed all the required studies and was promoted by Prior Derek Nordio to become a Knight Aspirant on September 29, 2021.

With some hustling on the part of both Prior Nordio and KA McCann, all the necessary paperwork was in order for KA McCann to be knighted on Saturday, October 2, 2021, by that Order's Grand Master, General Ronald Mangum.


Congratulations, Sir McCann!



Sir William McCann

Prior Derek's announcement he made to the National Order on October 7, 2021:

"I am pleased to announce that Knight Aspirant William McCann from the Priory of King David attended the International Conclave at Otttis Castle in St. Augustine, Florida, and received his Accolade from [OSMTJ] Grand Master Mangum on October 2, 2021, being promoted to the rank of Knight. What an honor and such wonderful memories for Sir McCann. Sir McCann also served with Vanguard at the event. Please join with me in congratulating Sir McCann."

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