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Conclave 2019 was held at Christ Castle Church, North Canaan, Connecticut June 28-30, 2019. At this point in time the King David Priory was part of a different Order other than our current Order of OMSDT.

This Order had just acquired the church in mid-June, therefore the service project for the annual Conclave was to actually take possession of the property and clean it in preparation for the Investiture ceremony. The church had stood empty for seven years, requiring a variety of repairs, maintenance and much cleaning.

Some members arrived earlier in the week to begin the cleaning, and Friday evening, June 28th, those members in attendance gathered for a no-host dinner after cleaning all day.

Saturday, June 29th, was the last day to finishing all the cleaning and polishing and to set up the church to be ready for the Investiture Ceremony scheduled for that evening. Prior to the ceremony, a dinner was hosted for all members by the National Order. After dinner, we traveled back to the church for the ceremony.

Three members of the King David Priory (then members of St. James Priory because King David Priory was formed just a month later) were knighted and one member was promoted within the Sergeants Corps.


The church cleaned up beautifully and positively glowed with the lights turned on and candlesticks giving off soft light.

Adornments included a cross added atop the back wall of the alter, an American flag, a Templar flag, and a Templar cross floor covering was added to the center-aisle carpet.

A display table with a helm, a table for the certificates, and a table for the swords.


​The procession begins the ceremony along with an opening commencement.


Pages, Squires, and Sergeants are asked first to come forward to be recognized.  ​Reneé Nordio received a certificate for the rank of Staff Sergeant.


After all Pages, Squires, and Sergeants were recognized, all Knight Aspirants are asked to stand and wait to be called forward.


From the King David Priory were Donna Barnett (far left), John Horay (4th from left), and Derek Nordio (far right).

DDerekKnighted (5).jpg

The knighting was done by the Grand Prior. After being tapped with their own personal sword on the left shoulder, the right shoulder, and the top of the head, each knight was draped with their white mantle, asked to vow to the virtues of knighthood and then commanded to 'arise a knight'.

Derek Nordio was knighted to the rank of Knight Commander.

John Horay was knighted to the rank of Knight Commander.

Donna Barnett was knighted, along with an honorific title of Knight of Justice. The honorific title was due to Donna's hard work leading the service project of cleaning the church.


Sir Derek Nordio


Sir John Horay


Lady Donna Barnett

​On Sunday morning, June 30th, the last day of the festivities, church services were held that included a wedding. Derek and Reneé were married in period dress with their Templar family as guests. Sir John Horay was the Best Man and Lady Donna Barnett served as the Maid of Honor. The ceremony concluded with the bride and groom departing the church under an archway of swords held high by the Templars. Derek and Reneé were delighted to have been the first wedding, as well as the first Templar wedding at Christ Castle Church.

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