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The King David Priory is one of many priories that create the Grand Priory of the Ordre Militaire Suprême Des Templiers (OMSDT), which was created in April 2022.

S.E. Sir Rick Trujillo, who resides in Texas, serves as Grand Master of the Order. Trujillo has extensive Templar leadership and experience, as he served in the OSMTJ Order for many years. During those years he became a Prior leading three Priories, held the position of Grand Inculator and was Vice President of operations of the Order's Templar Academy. He is the recipient of the Medal of Merit, as well as the Knights Grand Cross.


We are a Christian (Catholic, Protestant, and Orthodox) fraternal and chivalric Order that has no Masonic or political affiliations. We are ecumenical in that we are not affiliated with any single Christian denomination, but represent all of Christendom, organized for the fellowship and networking of like-minded believers.


The Priory began in the Order OSMTJ in July 2019. During a restructuring in February 2022, it became a part of the Order GPMTJ.  And, in June 2022, found it's permanent home with Grand Priory of the Ordre Militaire Suprême Des Templiers (OMSDT).


The states of Alaska, Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, and Wyoming comprise the King David Priory.

The intent of the national Order is for each state to eventually have a large enough membership for it's own Priory, but until that time, regions of the United States are generally grouped together to form priories.

Since the Order is new, we are excited about its potential for growth with a foundation of quality membership - members who possess in their hearts the desire to serve the Lord while honoring the Templar history and embracing the Templar spirit as defenders of the faith.


In July 2019, the initial days of officially forming the Priory began with a phone conversation between the man who served as Grand Prior at the time, and Derek Nordio, who had the rank of Knight Commander at that time, to discuss the formation of the new Priory. The Grand Prior asked Knight Commander who, aside from Jesus, was his favorite person in the Bible.


Knight Commander Derek responded with the name King David. The Grand Prior then asked him why. Knight Commander Derek explained that he thought many people, both men and women, could relate to David, since believers are all a little like David, in that David sinned against God, while even having a true love for God in his heart.

This was obviously an answer that was met with pleasure from the Grand Prior because as soon as Knight Commander Derek finished speaking about King David, the Grand Prior suggested that King David would be a fine name for the new Priory.

From the Grand Prior's questioning, Knight Commander Derek had no idea that he was actually helping him to create a name for the Priory. The Grand Prior asked him if he would actually like that name for a Priory and he happily agreed.


After finalizing more details for the formation of the new Priory, the next day, the Grand Prior promoted Knight Commander Derek to the rank of Master Commander, to lead the newly formed King David Priory. 

Master Commander Derek, after meeting the requirement of leading a Priory as a Master Commander for one year, was promoted to the new rank of Prior July 1, 2020.

In June 2022, after establishing the Priory with OMSDT, Grand Master Trujillo asked Prior Derek if he would accept the office of Grand Seneschal of the Order, which he did.  And, in September 2022, Prior Derek was honored to accept the position of Grand Prior of the OMSDT Order. 

In June 2024, Grand Prior Derek's wife, Renee' Nordio, was appointed as the Prior for the King David Priory. She has years of leadership experience and being in Templar Orders. Before being appointed Prior, she previously served as the Priory's Marshal, handling all the personnel and paperwork for the Priory. From May 2023 through May 2024 she served as Master Commander leading the OMSDT Priory of St. Michael the Archangel and since July 2022 serves as Grand Secretary for OMSDT Knights Templar.



The King David Priory along with the Grand Priory, Ordre Militaire Suprême Des Templiers, is honored to be Frontline Partners with Global Christian Relief® (formerly Open Doors®).


As Frontline Partners, we are working with the largest on-the-ground network of support for persecuted Christians in over 60 countries by helping with programs such as trauma counseling, safe houses, providing Bibles, emergency aid, rebuilding of churches and more. 

Along with our monthly monetary commitment, our members assist Global Christian Relief® by sending post cards and writing emails to persecuted Christians across the world, as well as being advocates and social media influencers for the organization because we fiercely believe in helping the Church survive—to preach the gospel in the places where it seems impossible to follow Jesus.


Our partnership with Global Christian Relief® reflects our Order's motto, "Defenders of the Faith".

Our motto is defined by the true mission of the original Knights Templars in that they protected and defended Christian pilgrims in their travels to the Holy Land. As modern Templars, we cannot perform that original mission, but we can defend Christians by partnering with organizations that help persecuted Christians worldwide.

Although there are a variety of worthy Christian charities with which to become involved, the mission of Global Christian Relief® best reflects the original mission of the Knights Templar and the mission we are pursuing today.


In addition to supporting Global Christian Relief®,  local Priories engage in service projects that benefit their local community. Priory members tap into their members' own skill sets and see where they can assist community organizations using those skills. God gifts each and every one of us with specific talents that He would wish us to use for His glory. 


It may be volunteering at a homeless shelter, helping to organize community events or offering our services to help facilitate operations at community events, visiting nursing home residents by offering them companionship and encouragement or presenting them with small gifts, or helping to build wheelchair ramps for local businesses or for facilities that cater to our elderly population.

Members may also create their own service projects; such as cleaning up local areas of their communities like parks or campgrounds on a regular basis. They may also start a food drive in conjunction with local food banks. Creating outreach projects is also important to share our love of Christ with those around us.

Having a clear mission and a motto that defines that mission, Defenders of the Faith, is important to us. Performing service projects in our local communities and partnering with Global Christian Relief® gives us a purpose. It takes dedicated Christian men and women, working together, to make a difference in the world.






Ordre Militaire Suprême Des Templiers

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